VIZ Komerc Ltd. is a company for trade, production and services, and has been successfully operating on the Serbian market for more than 20 years.
The main activity of the company is export/import business, as well as wholesale on the domestic market. A clear vision of continued success from the very beginning of the company's operations has shaped the basic business policy that is still applied and coordinated with the temporal requirements as well as with political, economic and market conditions.
Being ready for business challenges and successful realization of the set goals resulted in the trust from the major world companies such as Philips, Varta and Camelion, which granted company the right to import and distribute their high-quality, high-demand products on our market today.
The company has also been dedicated to cooperation with Chinese manufacturers since 2006, in order to be competitive on the domestic market by having lower prices and selected quality products, as well as to expand its existing range of attractive and demanding consumer goods in the field of electrical materials.
Our selection of assortment, quality, packaging design, offensive sales appearance, presence in all of the retail chains on the market, as well as created, protected and registered trademark Elit + at The Intellectual Property Office, contributed to the fact that this commodity group today takes the primacy in our business.
The long-term goals of the company, which have been successfully integrated into the dynamic development through the delivery of high-quality products and services, contributed to the achievement of an enviable position among the successful businessmen in Serbia
The company acquired significant resources through its development and planned investments with the respect and monitoring of all legal regulations. These investments are:

• 4 business buildings with equipped offices and warehouses in the industrial area in New Belgrade, near the highway;

  Head office on address Surčinski put 1L, Novi Beograd  


  Building on address Surčinski put 1S, Novi Beograd  
  Building on address Surčinski put 1Nj, Novi Beograd       Building on address Autoput za Zagreb 5Ž,  Novi Beograd 

• 5 warehouses equipped with steel racks for convenient storage and control of goods, with a supplies that guarantees our customers safety and continuous supply of necessary assortment and goods;

 warehouse 1     warehouse 2     warehouse 3     warehouse 4     warehouse 5 



•  2 private customs warehouses for imported goods that are under customs control;




an exhibition space on the ground floor of the company's headquarters so that our customers can have a direct insight into the product range and presentation of new items in the offer




•  6 delivery vehicles, which provide our customers with safety, speed and efficiency during delivery


•  3 reputable foreign brands: Philips, Varta and Camelion

• 1 own brand, registered under the name Elit +

• A wide range of products with over 1,500 products constantly on stock for the needs of stable supply of our customers with light bulbs, lamps, batteries and various other electric accessories

• 18 permanent employees with a tendency to grow

  Welcome to our head quarters and offices on address Surčinski put 1 L, Novi Beograd, Bežanijska kosa.    


With respect,
Viz Komerc d.o.o.

Zoran Seferin, owner and general manager